Goodbye, February

I know it’s only been a month since my last post, but it feels like an eternity. OK…it doesn’t feel quite that long, but it does feel like it’s been… more than one month.

February has kinda sucked! I’m not sad that it’s ending. I have no problem saying goodbye to February 2016!


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Sushi Sunday



As a part of our one year wedding anniversary, I bought Trevor and me a sushi 101 class. The class was informative, fun, and made us realize that making your own sushi isn’t only easy, it’s significantly cheaper than going out. Everything I know about sushi, I learned from Carl’s class. I’m sharing with y’all only a fragment of this information. I don’t want to ramble too much on how amazing Carl Rosa’s class was, so,  I’ll just go ahead and leave his link here if you’re interested…Sushi 101 Class

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Day 4: Asian Pulled Pork Bowls

Asian Pulled Pork Bowls

Day 4 of pulled pork week, chummies! To switch things up a bit so the hubby and I don’t get completely sick of pulled pork (blasphemy, I know), I decided to do an asian inspired dish. I’ve attempted many asian inspired sauces over the years and I have to say this is by far my favorite. Sauces are tricky to perfect and I’m not at all saying I’ve mastered this, but I think this is the most balanced asian sauce I’ve made so far. It’s sweet, salty, and a little spicy.

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Antiquing In Houston


I saw a tutorial on how to make a vintage suitcase dog bed on Pinterest. We’ve had Puck three years now and she’s never had a proper bed! I feel like such a bad dog mom! What better way to fix this, than to make her an awesome hipster bed? I started hunting on Etsy for a vintage suitcase. I found some good options but the shipping costs were a little bit too expensive for me.  I had recently heard of Thompson’s and I thought maybe I could find a suit case there. Boy, did I!

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BBQ Salmon

BBQ Salmon Coover photo

BBQ and salmon isn’t something I would have thought went well together until I discovered this recipe.  I found it a few years ago on a blog, and for the life of me I can’t find it again. So if you’ve seen it before, let me know so I can give that amazing person credit for this yummy creation!

This is one of my go to easy recipes. I honestly make it at least once every two weeks.  The BBQ sauce, salmon, and pineapple together make you feel like you’re on an exotic vacation.  It’s one of those recipes that people think you spent a lot of time on when you actually threw it together in 10 minutes so you could continue watching Netflix. Aren’t those the best? It’s also great to make for friends who aren’t particularly seafood lovers and picky kiddos. I mean who doesn’t love anything covered in BBQ sauce?

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