Antiquing In Houston


I saw a tutorial on how to make a vintage suitcase dog bed on Pinterest. We’ve had Puck three years now and she’s never had a proper bed! I feel like such a bad dog mom! What better way to fix this, than to make her an awesome hipster bed? I started hunting on Etsy for a vintage suitcase. I found some good options but the shipping costs were a little bit too expensive for me.  I had recently heard of Thompson’s and I thought maybe I could find a suit case there. Boy, did I!


Thompson’s was incredible! It has 108,000 sq. feet of antique amazingness from top to bottom. It was once a department store and is located in Northwest mall.  I felt like I was on a giant treasure hunt. I could’ve seriously spent all day there. Anyone else love the smell of old things?  I wish that smell could be bottled up! I realize antiquing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I thought this could be a fun day date or something you could do with fiends!


Oh hey, pretty lady! 😉


Can you spot Trevor? hehe


Now that is a tub!


Isn’t this antique crib gorgeous? No, Trevor and I won’t be having bebes anytime soon. Since I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, I thought I’d include a little disclaimer. However, when that time comes, I will definitely be making another trip to Thompson’s!







There are so many solid-wood pieces at Thompson’s. It made me regret every furniture piece Trevor and I have bought over the years. We’ve been looking for a chair to go with our leather couch. We fell in love with this guy. Mary (who spent the day showing us around) was awesome and got us a 20% discount on the chair and it was delivered that day. They also threw in a foot stool. Needless to say, we won’t be buying furniture from a regular furniture store again!



They had a large collection of giant perfume bottles. For all you perfume collectors out there!



They have tons of antique costume jewelry. So much fun!


I thought these 1910-1930 windows were so neat. We bought two to hang in our living room. I feel like Joanna Gains from Fixer Upper would love these! Anyone else adore her?


Excuse my thumb in this picture (how embarrassing), I guess all the phones got me excited!


Dat apothecary’s cabinet! This piece was just incredible and incredibly out of our budget. ($6k, IIRC)







There is my awesome hubby carrying the heavy windows that I HAD to have! He’s the best!


Don’t you need a dragon turtle in your life?


This is how Puck’s bed turned out. It was super easy. I just cut the top off, shoved a couple of old pillows in, and covered with some spare fabric I had. I didn’t glue or staple anything into the suitcase. I wanted to be able to wash the pillows and fabric easily. I think she likes it! 😉 Do you see any resemblance between the dragon turtle and Puck? Trevor does!

Oh, and the suitcase was only $25 if anyone is curious.

If you want to find out more about Thompson’s you can check out their website! Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas or like them on Facebook! Thompson’s Facebook Page

Let me know if you’ve been here or if you know of any other awesome antique places to check out in the Houston area!

And if I don’t see you: good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

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