Day 2: Pulled Pork & Cornmeal Dumplings

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I found the cornmeal dumpling recipe in what is know by many to be the cooking bible. This book really is a staple that should be in every kitchen. It’s packed full of useful information. It would make a great house warming or newlywed gift! Joy of Cooking

If you feel like skipping to the recipe here is a link to a printable version: Cornmeal Dumplings and Pulled Pork


Chicken and dumplings is understandably one of my our favorite meals. They should really think about renaming Chicken Soup for the Soul, to Cornmeal Dumplings for the Soul! It doesn’t get more comforting than this! My husband suggested we try our usual cornmeal dumplings recipe with pulled pork instead of chicken. Chummies…let me tell you…it’s amazing. The fattiness of the pork pairs beautifully with the cornbread-like dumplings to create the perfect feel good meal. Sick? Having a bad day? Just feeling down? It’s the apocalypse? Make some pulled pork and dumplings!
DSC_0240 Alright, I promise I’m done rambling…for now.

Here’s what you’ll need for your cornmeal dumplings. If you have the 75th Anniversary edition of The Joy of Cooking, the recipe is on page 334 at the bottom.

Ingredients: (for two-three persons worth of dumplings)



3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 cup cornmeal

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of salt

2 tablespoons of butter

1 large egg

1/3 cup milk

5-6 cups beef broth (I didn’t make my own, but it is on my list to do one day)

2 cups pulled pork

Green onions for garnish

A spoonful of sour cream on top of everything! (It adds a creamy element that really completes the dish. My husband won’t eat this without it. Okay, that’s not true. But he will go and search the fridge thoroughly to verify we don’t have any. … rambling again.)


1. Bring your broth to simmer on the stove. TIL Simmer means to keep the liquid just below the boiling point. You should see bubbles forming and gently rising to the surface. Thanks, Webster!


2. Whisk together the egg and 1/3 cup of milk in a bowl.


3.Combine all of your dry ingredients in a large bowl (flour, cornmeal, baking powder, and salt).


Isn’t butter just gorgeous? To quote Anthony Bourdain, “Margarine? That’s not food. ‘I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter?’ I can. If you’re planning on using margarine in anything, you can stop reading now, because I won’t be able to help you.” He’s hilarious. But in all seriousness, you should always use real butter!


4. Now cut the butter into your dry ingredients with a fork or pastry cutter.


5. Combine your wet and dry ingredients and stir just until everything is blended.


 It should look something like this! 🙂


6. Gently drop teaspoons of the batter into your simmering broth. I used a teaspoon drizzled in a little bit of olive oil and another spoon to help me remove the batter. Try not to crowd the dumplings.

Here are a few pictures to help you get the idea.


DSC_0270  DSC_0272  DSC_0274


7. Tightly cover the pan and simmer the dumplings for 20 minutes. DON’T REMOVE THE LID! The steam and simmering broth together are what cooks the dumplings. I chose a pot with a clear lid because I like to see what’s going on. 😉


I made some broccoli in the oven to go with the dumplings. I like the crunch the oven gives the broccoli. It adds a great texture to the meal. If you’re curious, I drizzled some olive oil, salt, and pepper and put them in 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.



To serve, I started with the pulled pork. The hot broth and dumpling will heat the pulled pork plenty. But if you want to, you can microwave the pork for a few seconds. Then I ladled the broth and dumplings over the pork. Lastly, I sprinkled green onions on top and added a spoonful of sour cream.

I hope you’re enjoying pulled pork week so far! If you try this recipe or have any other pulled pork recipes you love let me know. Also let me know if you have any other themed week ideas. Mom…get on that! 😉 As always, “if I don’t see you: good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” #liveeveryweeklikeitspulledporkweek How great would it be to combine shark week and pulled pork week?! #lifegoals

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