Just The Two Of Us + 1 | My First Trimester Recap! (Weeks 3.5-13)

Surprise! I’m pregnant! I have been wishing, hoping, and praying for this for so long and I’m so excited to finally start telling everyone and documenting this whole journey. A huge thank you to friends and family who have given us so much support and prayers already!


This picture was taken in Tennessee when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and we bought a little tiny black bear for our peanut on that trip.

I’m currently 14 weeks and  4 days, so that means I am in my second trimester! I’ll most likely be uploading this when I’m 15 weeks. Woo Hoo! I finally feel more at peace and less anxious! My husband and I had been trying for 9 months, so when I got the BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test I was thrilled, but also terrified that something could potentially go wrong. I’m a worry wort by nature so I don’t think that will go away any time soon, but I do feel like it’s improved slightly. Only slightly though. Ha ha.

This will probably be the longest post since I have three whole months to catch up on. I plan on doing updates every two to three weeks from now on. I love the idea of coming back to this if we have more kiddos to compare pregnancies and I love reading and watching pregnancy updates so maybe some of you will too! These posts might get a little TMI, but if you’re reading a pregnancy post I feel like you should expect it.

How we found out- We had made a family decision for me to stop teaching and focus on another passion of mine (bread making). We of course hoped that the decrease in stress would help get us pregnant, but weren’t counting on it. After trying for so long, it was difficult to not feel discouraged.

I had been having a lot of what I thought was PMS symptoms, but extreme PMS symptoms.  To list a few: VERY emotional, cramping, sore and swollen breasts, bloating, and some lovely hormonal acne. Since I’ve experienced these all before starting my period, I assumed this is what was going to happen. I was due to start my period in five days. Thinking about it now, I feel like I should’ve known something.

It was Father’s Day weekend, we had spent the whole weekend celebrating. Celebrating all the amazing father figures in our life’s, our cousin’s 16th birthday, AND our sister announcing she was pregnant! It was an exciting weekend!

That Sunday, we spent the day with family, drinking champagne, and saying goodbyes. I cried on the way home. I was a big emotional mess the whole weekend. We had planned some huge life changes and it was scary/exciting to begin them.

I decided to take a bath and Trevor was in the kitchen making me a Moscow Mule (I’m enjoying a prune juice mocktail version of this drink right now). Since I had already had a couple glasses of champagne, and was most likely going to end up drinking a little too much, I decided to take a pregnancy test. To make me feel better I guess? Anyone else do this? To wait for the test results, I put the test near the bath and got in. I saw the control line show up right away, and figured my assumption that my period was coming and that it was going to be a doozy, was correct.

Then…at a second glace I saw a second line. The BFP I had been praying for! In complete shock, I ran out of the bath, sobbing, soaking wet, naked, with pee stick in hand, and ran up to Trevor and said (through sobs), “I don’t think you should make me that drink!”

Trevor was so excited to find out he was going to be a father on Father’s Day!

I kinda wish I would’ve of waited and got him a late Father’s Day gift. Maybe a cute card and a onesie? BUT that is not at all how things went down. I also can’t keep a secret to save my life. At least we got a funny story out if it, right? Now i’m thinking if I really wanna post this on the internet!? I warned y’all…TMI.


I took the top test at about 5:30 p.m., June 17th, and the bottom test at 3:00 a.m. June 18th. I was 3.5 weeks pregnant based on my last period. And already not sleeping.

Over the next couple weeks, I took about 20 more tests! Literally. I wanted to make sure the HCG line was getting darker. Also, I’m a little bit anxious. Have I mentioned that?

Who We Told

We told my father in-law first at four weeks. We were going on a trip with my mom to Tennessee and he was going to watch our pack of dogs (we now have three). We made him dinner and poured three glasses of wine (don’t worry the third was not for me) and congratulated him on becoming a Grandfather…again. He took a moment to understand what we were saying, but quickly was ecstatic and maybe even teared up the slightest amount. We had a great dinner and talked about all of the typical things a family would in this situation.

We then told my mom at the airport a few days later. I found a book that was titled “Grandma Wishes,” to give her. We thanked my mom for taking us on a family trip and said we got her a little gift. She opened the gift and took out the book and … and … and … nothing. She didn’t get it at all. I kept thinking, “OMG, is this really happening??” Then she opened the card and totally missed that I had written GRANDMA in big letters on the envelope. Ugh. After finally reading the card, she figured out what was happening! In my mom’s defense she woke up at three am to catch her first flight!:). After a few minutes of her being frantic with excitement, she sat still long enough to take this picture.


We are now not going to individually mention the 10% of the population of Tennessee that Mom told for no raisin. I probably relate to this scene more than I should. I was a teacher! I sincerely thank the many team members at Dollywood for their congratulations on peanut-in-progress!

At 12 weeks, we told Trevor’s side of the family. Everyone was coming into town for my sister’s graduation and my other sister’s gender reveal party (It’s a GIRL)! I wanted to wait to tell everyone at 13 weeks, but the timing seemed perfect. I was also worried about stealing anyone’s thunder that day! I was super nervous and a little shaky the whole time!

I’ve called and texted almost everyone else so far. I have a few people left on my list, but I’ll have finished letting everyone know by the time I post this.


  • EXHAUSTED, this has been the biggest one so far. I feel like I haven’t done anything productive this summer, except make a baby!
  • Sore breasts, mostly sore nipples though. Anyone else? Bueller … Bueller … ? Just me then? I had to throw in at least one movie quote to match my Futurama quote!
  • Acne, JOY! My skin has been so strange. I was getting active breakouts on my chin, jaw line, and small bumps on my forehead. RF Sooth regimen seriously changed my life! I don’t think I can be without it now!
  • Food aversions
  • A little dizziness – not to be confused with ditziness. But I sometimes wonder what gets lost from my brain to my mouth – the sounds of intelligence, usually.
  • Constipation, ugh. It’s awful. I found that a glass of prune juice every other day and an Acitivia yogurt daily has been helping! I’ll take any advice y’all might have on this subject! Of course, lots of water.
  • Round ligament pain in hips and lower pelvic area
  • ALL the bloating

❊ Physical Changes – The bloat went away at around nine weeks. I definitely have a little bump now. The bump first popped up around 10-11 weeks!:) People started noticing at 13-14 weeks. I still kinda look like I ate a huge burrito, but I’ll take it! Coincidentally, I’m also frequently craving huge burritos. It works.

Weight Gain – This is tough. I don’t know my exact starting weight. I’m usually around 125. At my last few weigh ins, I’ve been 128 and 127. So I’m going to say I’ve gained two to three pounds so far.

Maternity clothes- I love Pink Blush dresses, so I’ve been wearing those a lot. I haven’t bought any maternity clothes yet. I tried on a pair of maternity jeans at Target and they were too large. I’m in the awkward between stage where my pants are uncomfortable but maternity pants are too big. Maxi dress and yoga pants for the win!

❊ Belly Button In or Out? Still in!

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on!

Stretch Marks – None so far! I bought the belly lotion bar from Lush. After I’m done with it, I’ll be making my own. So expect a DIY post soon about that.

Movement – I haven’t felt any movement yet. I can’t wait until I feel this sweet peanut move! My doctor says she tells new mamas to wait until 20-22 weeks.

Labor Signs – No! Thank, God!

❊ Mood – I’ve been feeling very happy for the most part and super anxious (though anxiety is getting better). I don’t think I’ve been moody or snappy, but I’ll let Trevor edit this after I’m done.;). (Nice try, Wynter. EVERYTHING IS GREAT. -Trevor)

Sleep – All the sleep please!! I couldn’t get enough sleep this trimester. 11 hours of sleep most days and a nap if I could fit it in. Interestingly, with intermittent bouts of sleeplessness. Three am and a book to put me back to sleep have been frequent acquaintances.

Gender Guesses – Most the family and myself are thinking boy. I don’t care though, just want a healthy little peanut in there!

Food Cravings – Not too many actually. Taco Bell is what I want the most. I try to only let myself have it once a week. Also, Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwiches. The one’s with the turkey sausage and egg white – BUT NONE OF THE CHEESE THAT COMES WITH THEM. Spicy foods, and I’m not normally a huge spicy fan. In the beginning (weeks 7-10) I really wanted spicy Salata wraps. I’ve heard this means baby will be hairy. Anyone else hear this? Since I came out looking like a hamster, I wouldn’t be surprised if baby has a lot of hair!

Food Aversions – I’ve had a lot of food aversions! Fish, asparagus, egg rolls, salmon burgers, most veggies (that makes me sad), the garage (not food but still was making me queasy to go in there), meat in general, and bacon. I think that’s it? In a sentence, whatever Trevor wants to eat that night. (again, from Trevor)

Best Moment So Far – Definitely ultrasounds! Seeing and hearing sweet baby’s heartbeat at 10 and 13 weeks! Also, telling the whole family. It’s such a relief not keeping that secret anymore and celebrating with everyone!


Here is baby peanut at 10 weeks! I was 10 weeks and 0 days and baby was measuring 10 weeks and 2 days. Heart beat was 189 bpm.


Here is baby peanut at our 13 week ultrasound. Baby was measuring on track and heart rate was 164 bpm. So heart rate slowed down a bit (which is good). You can even see baby’s spine and profile!

Missing – I miss my mom, always. I miss wearing jeans and feeling comfortable in them. Anything remotely tight on my belly drives me crazy! I also miss cold sandwiches! My doctor gave the “ok” to have lunch meat if it was heated up first, but I just want a cold one! After I give birth, please someone bring me a Jimmy John’s s sandwich. Number 17, no mayo, no cheese, pretty please!

Looking Forward To – My next appointment at 17 weeks, our 20 week appointment, hanging out with family in Dallas this weekend, and having more energy back. By 8:00 pm I’m down for the count. :/ On a longer scale, I’m also looking forward to meeting both of the new babies in the family clan as they greet the world. One was born just last week and my sister is due eight weeks before me.

Phew, that was a super long post! I wanted to make sure not to forget anything, although I’m sure I have. I hope this was interesting/helpful to whoever decided to read this whole thing! cough … cough … Mom!

To all those couples currently TTC (trying to conceive), my thoughts, well wishes, and prayers go out to you!


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