About Me


Hello, Hello! My name is Wynter. I’m 25 years young, a wife, a mom to a fur baby named Puck, and an enthusiast of all things food and home related.

Just The Two Of Us is a cooking and life blog.  My goal for JTTOU is to share my love of cooking  and home-making and to create/review recipes geared towards couples
that can be easily scaled up for more.


Puck (our fur baby) yeah…those are Harry Potter glasses.


Want To Know More About Me? . . . Here are 25 Random Facts!

  • I live in Houston (Do I need to say, “Texas?”), Texas.
  • I have a massive sweet tooth. I could eat something sweet after every meal. Although I will be sharing many fatty, buttery, sinfully good desserts on my blog. I hope to challenge myself to making some guilt-free creations as well.
  • I wake up with my stomach growling.  My husband who rarely eats breakfast doesn’t understand this. Actually, I don’t think this is a normal behavior, most people find it odd.
  • I have a serious problem with buying maxi dresses. I.Can’t.Stop.
  • I just starting eating seafood…I know…and yes I’m ashamed that it’s taken me this long.  When I was eight I wanted to be a marine biologist so I swore it off completely. I didn’t want to be eating something I’d be studying later.  #eightyearoldlogic
  • My husband introduced me into the world of whiskey. Bourbon, and scotch, and Canadian. Oh my!  I channel my inner Don Draper with every glass.
  • I’m obsessed with skin care. I have incredibly dry skin. It’s a desert. So I’m constantly on the hunt for the best moisturizer.
  • My husband and I have been together eight years and married for almost three.
  • I have a high pitched voice. I hate it. Ordering room service is a nightmare. No…my mommy isn’t here!
  • My husband and I eloped in Las Vegas to be married at the Mirage Hotel next to their volcano. It was pretty epic! As you can see in the photo! Find the (sea)horse in the flames!
  • I love a good rare steak.
  • I speak fluently in movie quotes.
  • I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. I’m currently rereading the series. SPOILER ALERT: I ugly cry every time Sirius and Dumbledore die.
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching and Learning from the University of Houston. Go Coogs!
  • I made my husband check all my papers for grammatical errors in college.  I’ll make him check my blog posts too!;) He’s the best! (But he doesn’t catch them all. – Husband)
  • My Kitchen Aid is my all time favorite cooking appliance. It can do so much! You can also do some squats with it!
  • I remember little details about people and I feel creepy about it. So I pretend I don’t remember that you told me five years ago that you hate coconut.
  • I turn into the biggest grouch in grouch city when I get hungry. #hangry
  • My favorite TV shows are Mad Men, Fixer Upper, and Game of Thrones. I’ve heard way too many obnoxious “W(i/y)nter is coming” jokes.
  • I sweat the bed sometimes. It’s exactly what it sounds like.
  • I have irrational fear of the people and pets in my life being squished. I freak out anytime my dog or little cousins go under the bed.
  • I won Star Napper in Kindergarten. I still hold that title.
  • I love dogs! My Patronus would totes be a dog.
  • I’m horrible with directions and I get my rights and lefts confused. It’s embarrassing.
  • There’s a chain grocery store in Texas called HEB. I know it sounds strange to be obsessed with a grocery store, but I am! If I’m not home, you can find me at my other home, HEB!

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